for more information on Rescue or
for an adoption application,
please send an e-mail to

5982 Ravenshoe Road
Sutton West, ON L0E 1R0
Phone: 905 473-9050
SOBCR has moved to a rural location just north of Toronto!  I also now have a kennel license (and a Boarding Kennel, visit which will allow 2-3 dogs to be screened/fostered at a time there instead of just one.  (I'd love to take more, but the Boarding has to pay the bills!) 
Foster homes are still desperately needed, and owners wanting to surrender are asked to keep their dogs and accept screened referrals wherever possible, to give priority to shelter dogs in urgent need.
The Kennel will also be just a short trip away from the new SpayCentral facility at the Newmarket OSPCA that is opening in January of 2009, offering low-cost spay and neutering services.
I hope to be able to offer not just better Rescue facilities, but also fundraising events and fun days.  So stay tuned!
Yours in Rescue
Luan Egan