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Author Jeanne Bell
On a cold starry night
In a barn sweet with hay,
A tired old dog
Wove dreams as she lay.
She thought she heard sheep
And a voice - it was dim
The light slowly faded
Then whispered again.
Through the mist, in the fog,
How she wanted to go!
But her old legs were heavy
Outside was deep snow.
Then the Voice-Light rang clear
"We need you out here"


by Luan Egan

The Fall season is upon us.

Leaves flash crimson,

Then drop to nourish new life.

In the twilight of an old dog’s day

I sit beside her feeble form

I watch her dream of balls and sheep.

I reflect on what has gone before

How lucky I was that she found me;

She changed my life.

The start of this journey,

Full of vibrant energy and enthusiasm

Exploring life and new adventures

All the things we worked through,


Soon, too soon

She will be lost to my touch

As she moves beyond my existence

Forever into the realm of dreams.

Soon, too soon

I will have only my memories

To comfort me, to remind me

Of how special she is

What she means to me.

The time is approaching, old friend,

To say goodbye

That’ll do, one last time.

Until we meet again

In that realm of dreams,

Watch for me.

Molly the Collie, Nov 17, 1995 - Oct 14, 2010 

Bluenose Nutmeg (Meg) Jan 3, 2000 - July 9, 2010

Hannah, Jan 1, 2004 - Feb 8, 2008

The cloud curtains parted,
The Voice-Light was near!
So she leaped from the body
That bound her in place
Racing! She soared across time
And through space.
And her heart fairly surged!
"I'm ready," she cried!
And she flanked out past Pluto,
Transcending the sky.
She floated right out of that
deep bed of hay.
Her master was calling.
She's flying! "AWAY"!
Dedicated to Hannah, who shared my life for the last four of her fourteen years.
Sylvia and Colin, she has crossed the bridge to join you...when I get there, please send her over to visit, I miss her.  ~ Luan